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For Your Reading Pleasure


LUCKY 13: Thirteen delightful stories for your reading pleasure: An anthology containing a variety of Susanne Marie Knight's short stories. 


This anthology contains the following short stories:

  • Homesick--science fiction (award-winning short story)

  • True Love And Candy Corn--fantasy romance

  • Happy Anniversary--romance

  • Saturation Point--science fiction

  • Grand-Mere's Sainte Bleu--fantasy romance

  • A Very Special Christmas Present--Regency

  • Special Of The Week--science fiction

  • Teacher's Pet--fantasy

  • Shades Of Old Glory--paranormal romance (ghost)

  • Adolescence--science fiction

  • Zeus And The Single Teacher--fantasy romance

  • Friday Night--romance

  • Lady Elizabeth's Excellent Adventure--time-travel Regency




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LUCKY 13 is an assortment of thirteen short stories wonderfully created by Susanne Marie Knight. These stories are most enchanting and often reminded me of years gone by when I would watch delightful short episodes of programs on the television. The endings at time have a twist where the reader often thinks hmmm for a moment. Each story shares such unusual themes that the reader almost gets lost in the reading and discovers that at times things are quite different from what they appear. The title says it all with being lucky. The reader is truly surrounded with thirteen lucky stories in this mirage of charming pleasures. They are simply purely satisfying. LUCKY 13 varies with a wide selection of heroines and heroes. Plots that will have you turning the pages to find the outcome and stories that truly offer an assortment that satisfies like a huge variety of chocolates. This book is a page-turner guaranteed to suit your fancy. To read more about Susanne Marie Knight, please visit her website, She has written some charming stories in LUCKY 13--Linda, Romance At Heart.

4 Hearts! LUCKY THIRTEEN is a collection of thirteen short stories all written by Susanne Marie Knight. True to the book's name, the stories are delightful. Ms. Knight exhibits a playful streak with stories reminiscent of those showcased in the old television series The Night Gallery and The Outer Limits. There is a surprising twist at the end that causes one to reconsider one's views on a particular subject, views which suddenly seem archaic or cavalier in light of Ms. Knight's story. Other stories serve to point out that things are often not as they seem to be. LUCKY THIRTEEN is as its title declares, THIRTEEN DELIGHTFUL STORIES FOR YOUR READING PLEASURE. They truly are a pleasure to read.--Karen H., The Romance Studio.

4 Stars! LUCKY THIRTEEN collects stories of many kinds, some love stories, some science fiction, some humorous. This is a light read, but I found it very enjoyable. You can read it all in one sitting or over several days. The stories are short enough to take only a few minutes each to read. Susanne Marie Knight seems to be a very talented writer with a lot of interesting ideas. Give this one a try, especially if you like variety in your reading.--R-Laurraine Tutihasi for Sime-Gen Reviews.




Four Stars
Romance Junkies

Four Stars
Sime-Gen Reviews