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A tropical paradise offers romance... 

and murder to ten unsuspecting guests!



For Your Reading Pleasure

FLIRTING CAN BE MURDER: A Murder Mystery Romance Novel   


Widowed Vonni Taylor is looking to heal from a troubled marriage. A restful holiday in the ultra exclusive Privacy Island Resort is just what she needs. Or is it? One guest chokes on a beverage; another guest oversleeps... permanently. And while Vonni might want to take her attraction to a handsome Italian nobleman further, she has more important things on her mind... like will she live to see another day?  


Personal security investigator Oliver, the Conte di Battiato, was supposed to have an easy assignment on Privacy Island, but as soon as he arrives, people around him start dropping like flies. When he takes charge of protecting the guests, he finds one particular woman distracting him from his duties--his cara mia, Vonni. Despite his efforts, the death toll mounts. The killer is a cunning one; will Oliver be able to use all his resources to stop the carnage and keep Vonni alive?


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Reviewers are saying:

5 Stars! A new murder mystery romance novel to sink your teeth into! A tropical vacation features ten guests and six staff members. Who will survive this exotic... and deadly resort? One by one the murders occur, fast and furiously, and all the while I was rooting for Vonni and Oliver along with a few others in this assortment of vividly drawn characters. Will romance bloom on the ultra-exclusive Privacy Island or will Death wipe out everyone except for the killer? Grab your copy, a beach chair, and a delicious chi-chi drink and then indulge yourself with this perfect puzzle set in the South Pacific and in Tuscany!--Norwood Reviews

5 Stars! Secluded on a tropical island dedicated to the mega-wealthy are a variety of guests: a gambler, a widow, a divorcee, a flunkey, a drunkard, a gossip queen, a Hollywood actor, a nymphomaniac, a Gypsy, and an Italian count. One of these guests might also be doubling as a psychopath with his or her own agenda. Or is the killer one of the staff? The pace is fast, the murders come quickly, and the sexual tension is delicious! FLIRTING CAN BE MURDER serves a double dish of murder and romance that keeps you guessing.--Mystery Maven’s Reviews

A week’s vacation at an exclusive, secluded, tropical resort on the mythical Privacy Island? Sign me up! Oh wait. Hidden among the guests and staffers is a cold-blooded serial killer! When a South Pacific storm wipes out communication avenues, these folks become sitting ducks, waiting to be slaughtered. Who is this audacious murderer? Guessing is part of the fun! Each character is well-developed and they come alive for the reader... but then some of them exit the island permanently. Ms. Knight keeps the tensions high as she weaves her tale of life and death and romance. Two thumbs up!--On The Edge Reviews


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5 Stars
Mystery Maven's Reviews

5 Stars
Norwood Reviews

5 Stars!

5 Stars
On The Edge Reviews