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A second chance at love was never so much fun!!

 The “one that got away” catches up with twice divorced Chris Chambers twenty six years later. Is it too late to have a happily ever after?


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THE ONE THAT GOT AWAY: A Contemporary Romance Novel   


Twice divorced Chris Chambers doesn’t believe in a second chance at love... or rather, another chance. She definitely isn’t looking for love... or even a quick hook-up. She’s very happy where she is at this stage in her life. But at a business convention in Tampa, she comes across an intriguing man she just can’t say no to. He seems so familiar. When she realizes Eric is the one that got away twenty-six years ago, or rather her nineteen-year-old self ran from him all those years ago, she does the predictable thing: she runs again. But sometimes, Fate won’t be denied. After all, as the old saying goes: third time’s a charm.


Widower Eric Paulsen has it all: successful career as a medical doctor, two prospering adult children, a gorgeous house overlooking Tampa Bay... what more can he want? True, his nights do get lonely; his assistant, Hildi, imagines herself to be his next wife; and his daughter goes out of her way to help Hildi accomplish that goal. But when he takes a romantic dinner cruise, a birthday present from the smitten Hildi, he spots a woman who peaks his interest on every level. Turning on the charm, he decides Chris is to be his birthday present. The morning after, he discovers Chris is Christine, his first love from so long ago. Living all these years without her, without true love, he’s determined to convince Christine to finally become his, and his alone.

Now Available! Order THE ONE THAT GOT AWAY ebook at Amazon.com.

Now Available! Order THE ONE THAT GOT AWAY  ebook at Smashwords.com

Print: at Amazon.com

Universal Link: https://books2read.com/u/ml6oE9

Reviewers are saying:

* I’m a sucker for second chance romance stories. Ms. Knight delivers once again in this new contemporary, THE ONE THAT GOT AWAY. We have a couple in their forties who had a bit of a history when they were teens, to finally find themselves together again. Should they take the next step? Will Eric’s adult kids give their blessing? Can Christine overcome her two previous failed marriages? Should she and Eric finally commit? Grab your copy and enjoy the ride! 5 Stars!--Norwood Reviews

* A cute meet at a roller skating rink? A romantic dinner cruise? A possessive office assistant? A persistent medical doctor? All this and more in this poignant love story: THE ONE THAT GOT AWAY. Sometimes our soul mate comes along and we’re just not ready for him or her. I could feel Christine’s pain at being burned by her two ex-husbands. I teared up at reading about Eric’s unfaithful wife. Can these two put aside their fears and become a loving couple? Do yourself a favor: don’t let this book get away!--S.G. Reviews


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5 Stars
Norwood Reviews

5 Stars
S.G. Reviews