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Greetings and Felicitations!

After being turned down for an interstellar mission, 

Gelsey ends up going anyway when she is abducted by an alien!


For Your Reading Pleasure

THE ENTITLED: An Alien Abduction Science Fiction Romance Novel   


Aspiring astrophysicist Gelsey Dewitt is having a very bad day. First her professor dumps her in the middle of a seduction. Then, after a communication from another star system is received and translated by NASA, most of her student group is chosen to accept the invitation and will journey to an alien planet... but, alas, not her. As if that isn’t enough to ruin her day, then she is pursued by a persistent body-builder type of guy, Zaccheus, who doesn’t take “no” for an answer. When he offers to show her his secretive home, she inadvertently says “yes”. Then next thing Gelsey knows is that she wakes up as prisoner in a very strange place--a place with futuristic furniture, blue-tinged food, identical male quadruplets who think her feet are tiny, and broad, powerful Zaccheus who seems to have the hots for her. Where on God’s good Earth is she?


Proud Brhite Warrior, Zaccheus of the Fortis Gladius clan, a member of the Entitled ones on his planet, Brhin Primus, desires to become a Leader for his people. In order to accomplish his goal, he learns he must choose as mate a female from an inferior world, Terra. At first repulsed by the idea, he then vows to do what must be done since this female is foretold to become a savior for his suffering world. He travels to the lowly Terran planet and, as soon as he spots Gelsey, he knows she is the one. He does her the very greatest honor of selecting her for the Treaty of Union, but she... she has the audacity to refuse him, to reject him. How is Zaccheus supposed to become a Leader for his people and save Brhin Primus if Gelsey will not become his chosen mate?



Available Now! Order THE ENTITLED ebook at Amazon.com.

Available Now! Order THE ENTITLED in PRINT at Amazon.com. 

Reviewers are saying:

* When most people think about Alien Abduction, they think of a late-night, anonymous capture, the purpose of which is to do nefarious deeds to the Human. In THE ENTITLED, the abduction is almost by consent. Almost. And there are very worthwhile reasons for this snatching of an Earth woman, Gelsey, by alien warrior Zaccheus. As one character told Gelsey, “Who wouldn’t want to get abducted by Zaccheus?” Indeed! Both Gelsey and Zaccheus learn to respect each other and the cultures on both of their worlds, but giving up her planet for his is a monumental decision for her to make. Will she do it? As for Zaccheus, I loved how he came to change his way of thinking: pairing with an insignificant Terran? Repugnant!! I am “Entitled” to read this wonderful story, and you will be too! Two thumbs up!--On The Edge Reviews

* 5 Stars! An alien abduction, that’s what Ms. Knight’s newest novel, THE ENTITLED, is about. This is another action-packed adventure and highly sensuous read by the Queen of Romance Writing with a Twist! Take a flight to a faraway planet. Solve the mystery of a world fighting with itself. Have a taste of Zaccheus, an Entitled one and one of the sexiest men alive--human OR alien. Will Earther Gelsey accept or reject proud Brhite warrior, Zaccheus? Grab a copy and find out!--Norwood Reviews


Readers Are Saying:




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5 Stars
Norwood Reviews

5 Stars!

5 Stars
On The Edge Reviews