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Down-and-out Marta Jordan gets a second chance when the magical North and East Winds stage an intervention. Will she accept their challenge and to learn to love again?




For Your Reading Pleasure

THE AWAY PLACE: A Fantasy Romance Novel   


Marta Jordan has hit rock bottom... and she’s only twenty-one. Her parents are killed in a tragic accident, her new husband steals from her, and a serious health diagnosis threatens her life. Marta is in desperate need of an intervention. Enter her fairy godmother and fairy godfather: Sola and Quill--the East and North Winds. Providing an enchanted cabin so Marta can heal, they also offer her a do-over... and a chance to walk on the wild side. Will Marta throw all caution to the wind (pun intended!) and listen to her magical helpers?


Joe Noble is every woman’s Mr. Wrong. So much so that his wife not only divorced him, but their ten-year-old son, Nicky, too. Now only looking for a good time with no strings attached, Joe gets a wake-up call when the consequences of his irresponsible actions finally catch up to him. He has a choice: he can continue to drift or he can “man up” to become a good father, in addition to wooing and winning the woman of his heart, Marta.

BONUS: The fairytale, “The Princess’ Soulmate” is also included!



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Reviewers are saying:

5 Stars! A romantic, sweet, and unforgettable fairytale! THE AWAY PLACE serves up two opposites, Marta and Joe, who are both recovering from the slings and arrows of life. Throw in the magic of a delightful godmother and an incredibly sexy godfather, and you have the ingredients for a delightful story that will please all romance readers! THE AWAY PLACE is a wonderful place to leave your everyday burdens at the door!--Twists on Romance Reviews

5 Stars! THE AWAY PLACE delivers! You’ll find magic, romance, sexy encounters, second chances, precocious children, healing hearts, and an original classic fairytale: “The Princess’ Soulmate.” Young Marta Jordan has been hit so many times by tragedy, she’s begging for a do-over. The Four Winds of Myth and Legend decide to grant her request... in the form of good-time bad boy, Joe Noble. But whiskey-drinking, love-‘em-and-leave-‘em Joe is nobody’s hero. Or is he? Escape from your ordinary world with Ms. Knight’s latest fantasy, THE AWAY PLACE!--Just Imagine Fanzine  

Review by author S. A. Santos

Review by author Vicky Whedbee

5 Stars! Love and Magic. Who would expect to encounter magic, especially in the form of the east and north winds? But that's what happens when Marta Jordan decides to end it all after a series of tragic events leaves her bereft of hope. Not only do the delightful winds--Sola and Quill--intervene, they introduce sexy Joe Noble into her life, who's dealing with his own set of issues. After that the magic begins. This charming tale deftly combines love and magic in a modern day fairytale. Review by author Sandra Cox


Readers Are Saying:


5 Stars! I couldn’t put this book down so dinner was late! LOL! I really enjoyed THE AWAY PLACE.--C.K.


5 Stars! Away place. I chose 5 stars because of the way the book flowed for me. I enjoyed the characterisation of the cast, the very gentle humour, and the clever destructiveness of the characterisation caters which brought them to life.--Reader Review

I loved it! It’s funny, touching, and very sexy! I love the dialogues and the voice of Joe and Frank.--Reader Comment

I loved this! What a wonderful escape. Thank you, thank you! A super story that lifted me up and made me smile. Again, I loved it!--Reader Comment




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5 Stars
Twists On Romance Reviews

5 Stars
Norwood Reviews