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Welcome to Susanne Marie Knight's elegant world of Regencies. Click on the links below to learn more about her Regency books and short stories.

"When Susanne Knight writes Regency time-travel romance, you know you have an exciting read! Multi-published in ebook and in print, Susanne's books are always a popular choice among customers."--Kathryn Struck, Awe-Struck

A Continental Marriage--Available on and   

The Contrary Contessa--Available on and  

A Delicate Condition-- Time-Travel. Available on and Smashwords. 

Have Christmas Card Will Travel-- Time-Travel. Available on and Smashwords.

An Impossible Alliance-- Time-Travel. Available on and Smashwords.

Lady Elizabeth's Excellent Adventure--Short Story. Time-travel.  Available at and Smashwords.

Lord Darver's Match--Time-travel. Available on and

The Magic Token--Available on and Smashwords

A Noble Dilemma-- See  book trailer on Just click! Available on and Smashwords.

Paging Miss Galloway See  book trailer on Just click! Available on and

The Questing Box--Time-travel. Available on and Smashwords.

Regency Society Revisited--Time-travel.  Available on and Smashwords.

The Reluctant Landlord--Available on and  

Sojourn Through Time--Time-travel.  Available on and Smashwords.

Timeless Deception--Time-travel. Available on and Smashwords.

A Very Special Christmas Present--Short story available at and Smashwords.

An Unusual Masquerade--Time-travel. Regency. Available on and Smashwords.



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