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LORD DARVER'S MATCH: A modern woman's innocent wish for a happy marriage lands her back in time, in bed with a devilishly handsome lord. 


Seeking a diversion from the ongoing horrors of the Napoleonic Wars, Simon Altmont looks forward to a liaison with the attractive woman in his bed. He soon learns how different his mysterious Mrs. Logan really is. Has the Marquess of Darver finally met his match?





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April to June, 1815, London and Dover, England.


LORD DARVER'S MATCH's Main Characters

Hillary Logan, purchasing agent, and Simon Altmont, Lord Darver, look forward to making your acquaintance! 


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2002 Golden Rose Award for Best Regency
Reader Choice Award

Best-Seller .


Five Stars
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5 stars affaire de coeur
Five Stars
Affaire de Coeur Magazine


4.5 stars Scribes World
4 1/2 Stars
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Heart to Heart Award