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Greetings and Felicitations!

Why worry about cold weather approaching? You have ALIEN HEAT to keep you warm!

For Your Reading Pleasure


ALIEN HEAT: A science fiction futuristic romance. All women love these flowers... but the feeling's *not* mutual.  


An almost cataclysmic bombardment by meteorites drastically altered Earth's atmosphere and human society. As if that isn't enough, in the intervening years, strange plants suddenly sprout up... seeming to have a mind of their own.

Because of her unfortunate past, young Glyneth doesn't want to marry. But when she is abducted by the Outsider, Lucas Jefferson, she learns not all men are like her despicable father. With her unusual abilities, she is the only person to understand the serious threat the Venusian flowers are to not only Lucas' people, but the Earth as well.


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Nominated for the 2005 Quasar Awards Best Cover!

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Readers are saying:


I found Susanne Marie Knight's ALIEN HEAT to be very imaginative.--J.G.
I'm excited to read this title [Alien Heat]! I would like to use it for my book club that meets at Barnes & Noble Santa Barbara!--Megan T.
Love time travel and your book Alien Heat--Steph K.
This is a really good book. This story helped convince me that I wasn't the only person in the world that loved futuristics!--R.F.
Man, I just have to get this book!--A.V.
I enjoyed ALIEN HEAT.--R.F.
My favorite book of yours is ALIEN HEAT.--Ryan D.
ALIEN HEAT--What a fabulous read!--C.L.
I'm waiting for the time when I will read ALIEN HEAT. All books of Susanne are fantastic.--K.B.
ALIEN HEAT is getting great reviews!--M.B.
Extremely well-written story, good plot, and interesting read!--R.L. 
ALIEN HEAT really surprises the reader!--R.R.
My friend and I really enjoyed your book. And we look forward to many more.--P.C.
ALIEN HEAT is a great read!--G.M.
Great read! I really enjoyed ALIEN HEAT. You're a great writer!--C.L.
What a fab read!--C.H.
I love this story!--L.H.



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