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Why worry about cold weather approaching? You have ALIEN HEAT to keep you warm!

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ALIEN HEAT: A science fiction futuristic romance. All women love these flowers... but the feeling's *not* mutual.  


An almost cataclysmic bombardment by meteorites drastically altered Earth's atmosphere and human society. As if that isn't enough, in the intervening years, strange plants suddenly sprout up... seeming to have a mind of their own.

Because of her unfortunate past, young Glyneth doesn't want to marry. But when she is abducted by the Outsider, Lucas Jefferson, she learns not all men are like her despicable father. With her unusual abilities, she is the only person to understand the serious threat the Venusian flowers are to not only Lucas' people, but the Earth as well.


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Nominated for the 2005 Quasar Awards Best Cover!

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Found on the WeB: Science Fiction Romance's article with Wings Press editor Leslie Hodges. Here's what Ms. Hodges says about ALIEN HEAT: 

I am always looking for good, well-crafted stories, no matter what the genre. Here in my department, we love cross-genre tales, and all levels of romantic involvement. More and more authors are crossing genres and the result has been some wonderfully well-crafted stories that appeal to fans of both genres.  A good example of this would be ALIEN HEAT by Susanne Marie Knight which is a Futuristic/SF book. It has appeal to both audiences because of the way Susanne has woven her story using a mix of both genres [science fiction and romance].  

Once again Susanne Knight produces as interesting and thoroughly entertaining paranormal romance, one that fans of science fiction should enjoy, also. The setting is an post-Apocalyptic Earth, not one brought on by war, but as a result of the destruction of another planet. I appreciated that though there is plenty of action and evil intentions in this story, the violence is minimal. I also was impressed at the way the human villain reacted to his punishment. I felt the way the invaders were dealt with was justifiable. The story kept up it's momentum to the very end, which was quite satisfying.

Reviewed by  Paranormal Romance Reviews, Flora

Susanne Marie Knight has woven a story of a troubled Earth, invasion by an alien species, and the mysteries of some ancient lore to produce a captivating tale of romance and danger in a post-apocalyptic world. The devastating impact of a comet has left the word divided, and its people scattered. Small pockets of civilization remain in differing levels of civilization, and through them, the diversification of the populations survive. ALIEN HEAT is just is alien, and it is heated. It takes you from the bride markets of Columont, to the vast stretches of desert that is slowly devouring the newly recovering earth. Treachery and death stalk the lovers, and the destruction of civilization, and even the world as they know it now hands in the balance. The premise in Susanne Marie Knight's story is no different than told in may a sci-fi thriller, but in the telling, we see the difference. ALIEN HEAT focuses on the powers of magic, love, and the intentions of honorable men and women to not only save their society, but the very world on which they live. After a bit of a slow start, the reader gets quickly wrapped up in the intrigue of the court, the plans on both sides of the battle, and can feel the thrill of the impending conclusion. The ultimate question is answered in the long run...with the December 2003 release of ALIEN HEAT, the reader is a winner. Look for it at Wings e-Press today.

Reviewed by Romance At Heart, Rosemarie 

4 1/2 Stars! There are plots of revenge, attempted murder and hatred intertwined in ALIEN HEAT. There is also the blossoming of love between Lucas and Glyneth, and a few others as well. The interaction between  the main characters, Lucas, Glyneth, Hawke, Will, and Sylvie was something to see. Will was a riot and the play between the three men was interesting... If you haven't read anything by Ms. Knight, you don't know what you are missing. 

Reviewed by A Romance Review , Pam 

ALIEN HEAT is a remarkable example of science fiction romance. Ms. Knight has set her novel in Earth's future, used much of its history and technology, but given it a special twist and then stayed within the rules of her world. Glyneth and Lucas are wonderfully dimensional characters, each bound to their own path, each aware of who and where they stand in the world. I especially loved the reason the women were infertile. It was so unexpected and different. Don't miss.

Reviewed by In The Library Review, Sharyn

4 Stars! Susanne Marie Knight has an interesting take on the future of the world with aliens from Venus thrown in to heat it up. I really loved the way she pulled modern day facts into the story to put a realistic tint to it. Her characters grab you and pull you through the story not letting go until the last page. Once again, Ms. Knight hits the jackpot with a compelling story and lifelike characters. So much happens in ALIEN HEAT that I only touched on some if its aspects. What an incredible journey it is. ALIEN HEAT is not to be missed, in this reviewer's humble opinion. 

Reviewed by Romance Junkies, Rae

I found Susanne Marie Knight's ALIEN HEAT to be very imaginative. Knight's plot is like no other I've ever read, which is really saying a lot considering that I deem reading the ultimate pastime. The villainous aliens in ALIEN HEAT come in an unexpected form, and the vastness of the futuristic detail was mind-boggling.  ALIEN HEAT was very entertaining. 

Reviewed by The Road to Romance, Janean   

I am not usually a futuristic romance reader, but I must admit to enjoying ALIEN HEAT. Susanne Marie Knight took a unique idea and created a fascinating novel. I loved her plant from Venus. I also enjoyed the twists Ms. Knight added to the storyline. ALIEN HEAT has several surprises that are revealed as the story unfolds. 

Reviewed by  Writers Unlimited, Dawn

 Good humor, fun characters, and playful dialogue... The parts in ALIEN HEAT where the plants conspired, speaking with each other, were particularly well done. Overall this was a good book, a fun read, and well worth looking for. Good job, Ms. Knight!

Reviewed by SFR Online Reviews, Janet 

ALIEN HEAT is one of the most unusual after-the-world’s end novels I have ever read. The comet hitting Venus, and the Venusian fragments hitting Earth is terrific. The interplay between the characters is good and Gwyneth being a mutant is an excellent ingredient. I happily recommend ALIEN HEAT

Reviewed by The Romance Studio, Judy

ALIEN HEAT was a mix of romance and sci-fi. The author has many surprises in store for the reader. The book has many twists and turns involving the main characters. The author has woven an intricate tale of the futuristic Earth and the people who populate it. 

Reviewed by Love Romances, Susan

ALIEN HEAT is well-written. Susanne Marie Knight writes an interesting... tale. Grab a copy of ALIEN HEAT. 

Reviewed by Romance Reviews Today, Sinclair 



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