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Grave Future
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Grave Future

GRAVE FUTURE's scary house

A ghostly paranormal romantic suspense. What happens when an innocent tourist is stranded in an isolated cabin with a hostile stranger, an eerie fireplace, and a Shakespeare-quoting ghost?





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Readers are saying:


I read this book quite awhile ago and I remembered how good it was so I picked it up to read again. I wasn't disappointed. I really enjoyed it!--J.G.
GRAVE FUTURE sounds like a great read!--Teri M.
For GRAVE FUTURE and TIMELESS DECEPTION: The story plots were different from what I have read in the past. Wonderfully written-out dialogues and plot descriptions had quickly pulled me into the reading.--J.S.
This book sounds fascinating.--Rita S.
GRAVE FUTURE is a spooky story!--Judith G.
GRAVE FUTURE--recommended!--Tessa B.
I recommend GRAVE FUTURE.--J.R.
My brother and I are hug fans of your books, Susanne. We loved Friday Night and GRAVE FUTURE.--John B.
I LOVED Lord Darver's Match & Grave Future was a close second..just need to read more! :) --Sharon S.
I was delighted with GRAVE FUTURE!--C.S.
I recommend GRAVE FUTURE for a great read!--V.L.
I really enjoyed GRAVE FUTURE and recommended it to all my friends!--L.S.
I was given one of your books by my sister. I could not put it down. I only come across a few books that really keep me sitting in one place for more than an hour. I hope you come out with more books like GRAVE FUTURE.--T.L.
GRAVE FUTURE is highly recommended!--C.S.
Absolutely intriguing!--K.S.
GRAVE FUTURE was so good, I didn't want to stop reading and go back to work!--L.A.
I really enjoyed GRAVE FUTURE. Great Job!--T.S.
I've just finished reading GRAVE FUTURE. Loved it! Okay, Susanne, you made my day!--S.J.
GRAVE FUTURE's characters and their romance are fully developed. Believable and compelling plot.--L.W. 
I really enjoyed reading your book. I love ghost stories!--C.N. 
Wonderful! I couldn't put it down.--N.W. 
I was so engrossed in the story. Thank you!--C.K. 
Definitely a keeper!--B.P. 
Whoa. I got chills during the tunnel scene.-C.J. 
GRAVE FUTURE is one of my favorites. Can't wait until it's in paperback!--L.K.
This book is so spooky, it gave me nightmares. I liked it a lot!--B.R



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