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Past Indiscretions
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A time-travel Regency romance. The perfect human clone may be possible... back on the island of Atlantis.  


    Past Indiscretions





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Readers are saying:

Susanne Knight is notorious for 'romance writing with a twist.' Her novel PAST INDISCRETIONS is a love story that ties the past and future together that creates an impossible battle. [Her website] provides us with more information and also her techniques of persuasive writing.--Roxanne.
When I read the reviews for Past Indiscretions I knew this was the book to choose. I've always believed in reincarnation ... I feel I would find comfort and happiness with this book. Thanks.-- Melissa L.
PAST INDISCRETIONS is quite a book. I got so involved in it that I nearly missed my stop! Thanks for a great read!--J.G.
Hi Susanne, I haven't read the book of PAST INDISCRETIONS yet. But I read the reviews and it is a fantastic story. Just like the stories I love to read. Full of mysteries, adventure, and romance.--Ana Luisa Santiago
I just finished reading your PAST INDISCRETIONS and you cleverly bring together the past and mythology. I read it in a weekend because I was dying to reach the conclusion. It was a mystery with a very unique plot. I look forward to purchasing another of your books. Thanks for the great entertainment. A fan--Bob M.
Just loved your book PAST INDISCRETIONS!--S.T.
PAST INDISCRETIONS was amazing!--Phyllis I.
I really enjoyed PAST INDISCRETIONS! I couldn't put it down. You're a very fine story teller.--D.C.
PAST INDISCRETIONS is deliciously different. I really enjoyed it.--Jean D.
If you only buy one book this year, make it PAST INDISCRETIONS!--Michael G.
I really enjoyed PAST INDISCRETIONS.--M.C.
An extraordinary journey that must not be missed!--P.I
Finally! I've been waiting for PAST INDISCRETIONS to come out. I love it!--F.L
PAST INDISCRETIONS is exactly the kind of book I love to read!--D.C.
PAST INDISCRETIONS kept me interested. Extremely well-written!--R.R.


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