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Have Christmas Card... Will Travel
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Have Christmas Card... Will Travel


A time-travel Regency romance. Christmas magic sends Meredith back to Regency times to find true love. But what will happen when the twelve days of Christmas are over?



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Have Christmas Card Will Travel


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5 Stars! The concept of time travel has always fascinated me so movies and books that deal with that idea are always going to draw my attention. And that was the exact reason I chose that genre to read as my first Susanne Marie Knight book. As an author, Ms Knight writes in a wide range of diverse genres and has a admirably huge backlist. But time travel is a favourite so I had to go with that.

So, ebook in hand, I dived into Have Christmas Card, Will Travel with great anticipation and what I found is a delightfully whimsical tale full of wonderful phraseology and sweet innocence. Our heroine, Meredith, has the grandest of adventures as she is transported magically back in time and finds herself living a dual half in the past and one in the present. She finds herself developing feelings for the dashing Lord of Amhurst even as she’s drawn further into his brother’s wily advances. As a reader, you have to keep turning the pages just to get to the bottom of the on earth is she travelling back to the past and who and what is behind it all? And more importantly, how will Meredith deal with the results of her sojourn without a broken heart?

This story is written with a joie de vie that begs the reader to put aside the deeper complexities of time travel and simply enjoy the enchanted magic of it all, without question. As a first time reader of Ms Knight, I was entertained and enjoyed the story immensely.

I thoroughly recommend this book - perfect to relax and unwind with.--Zelly Jordan Review
 5 Stars!--Barnes and Noble Reviews
 5 Stars!--Barnes & Noble Reviews
4 1/2 stars! Have Christmas Card... Will Travel by Susanne Marie Knight is a delightful time-travel romance that carries a lonely woman back to the regency era to find love. A creative story based on the Twelve Days of Christmas song, I found myself looking forward to seeing how each stanza of the song would be depicted. The characters in the story are fully developed and have very strong personalities. Jeffrey is wary and untrusting of Meredith. He is strong and quiet not as light-hearted as is his brother William. William finds everything delightful and is happy that luck has brought a woman into his life. He sees Meredith as an answer to his prayers. Meredith is lonely and depressed. The Christmas Season just reminding her of all she has lost with the death of her parents and break-up with her fiancé. She finds herself drawn to Jeffrey and that becomes a problem when William refuses to take no for an answer to his proposal. This is a sweet romance in which the settings come to life through the descriptions of the author. This is a warm hearted story for the Christmas Season that will leave the reader happy and feeling good in the end. Have Christmas Card... Will Travel by Susanne Marie Knight is a sweetly romantic time travel romance to warm the hearts of the readers.

Reviewed by The Romance Studio--Anita

4 Stars!--Goodreads



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2008 EPPIE Finalist for Best Historical Romance
EPIC  Award

Uncial Press and

FIVE Stars
Barnes & Noble  Reviews

4 1/2 Stars
The Romance Studio

 4 Stars