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What if eternal youth could be found not in a fountain, but in a box? What if the richest man in the world was also the oldest?    



For Your Reading Pleasure



FOREVVER: a science fiction romance. In the year 2102, the Fountain of Youth exists for only a select few. But you can’t cheat death ForEvver.


In the year 2102, Flavia Gracchus reluctantly agrees to deliver a special shipment from her home on the Moon to ForEvver Rehabilitation CEO, Reid Evver. What she doesn’t know is that Evver, a man much older than he appears, intends to marry her and start a family. How can she escape Evver’s clutches and wed the man of her dreams?

Ambitious Jason Maverick can’t believe his new assignment: to babysit Reid Evver’s future wife, a Moon native, by escorting her on a sightseeing tour. But the more time Jason spends in Flavia’s company, the more she captivates him. How can he propose to the woman he’s been waiting for all his life when she’s all but bought and paid for by his mysterious, unscrupulous boss?



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ForEvver ForEvver's cover with previous publisher, Awe-Struck Publishing.



2102  Tychotown, The Moon
Atlanta,  USA, Earth
New Tri-Metropolis, Earth
Hackensack, New Tri-Metropolis, Earth
Paris, Earth
Maui, Hawaiian Islands, Earth


FOREVVER's Main Characters

Flavia Gracchus, physical therapist, and Jason Maverick,  high-powered corporate attorney, look forward to making your acquaintance! 


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2010 Dirk A. Wolf Cover Art Excellence for Best Science Fiction / Futuristic  Niki Browning, Artist

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5 Stars
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