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  What if eternal youth could be found not in a fountain, but in a box? What if the richest man in the world was also the oldest?

A science fiction romance.In the year 2102, the Fountain of Youth exists for only a select few. But you canít cheat death ForEvver.




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ForEvver ForEvver's cover with previous publisher, Awe-Struck Publishing.


Readers are saying:

ForEvver is one of my favorite science fiction romances!--Marie D.
ForEvver was a pleasure to read!--B.R.
ForEvver is FABULOUS!!!!--Virginia P.
Can't wait to sink my teeth into this science fiction!--Rick C.
I enjoyed ForEvver!--T.M. 


FOREVVER  is the a prequel to the books in the JANUS series: JANUS IS A TWO-HEADED GOD and JANUS IS A TWO-FACED MOON. 


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2010 Dirk A. Wolf Cover Art Excellence for Best Science Fiction / Futuristic  Niki Browning, Artist

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5 Stars
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