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The Coming
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The Coming

Bermuda Triangle?

A paranormal romantic suspense. Can logical Larissa find true love... in the Bermuda Triangle?? The Bermuda Triangle: fact or fantasy? Find out for yourself in THE COMING .





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Just wanted you to know how much I enjoyed THE COMING--Neal G.
Current book that I'm reading is THE COMING. Recommended!--Elizabeth
I really enjoyed THE COMING and recommended it to my Reading Club!--Lisa K.
Highly entertaining!--S.B.
Just finished THE COMING and thoroughly enjoyed it!--Millie C.
Loved THE COMING and hated to see it end.--Linda Block
What a unique concept!--Jill N.
THE COMING sounds fascinating.--Grace
I really enjoyed THE COMING!--Carole K.
I thoroughly enjoyed THE COMING and now my husband is reading it too.--Jude G.
To begin with, this is the best book I've read in a long time. I won't give the ending away. Even if you ply me with peanut butter cookies, I won't tell, so don't ask! I loved the beginning. It was different and interesting. Bermuda Triangle? Hurray! I'm into sci-fi, so this book was particularly interesting to me. During WWII, while flying on a mission, Jack Harrington goes down into the triangle in his bomber. I like the way this book is written, especially her, `When death was as close a companion as his sweaty regulation undershirt?' Then it introduces Larissa Parish and her granddad, a man who was dying. Even with death so close, he was still able to joke. He promised to walk her down the aisle when she married. Was he able to hold on? Unfortunately not. Gramps wanted his ashes thrown in the ocean right where the Sweet Revenge disappeared. He passes away and she takes his ashes. She falls overboard into the Triangle... and promptly vanishes. Jack... who is still thirty-three, safe on an island, catches sight of Larissa in her life jacket and pulls her out of the ocean. Despite the indications, she refuses to believe he's from WWII. Yesterday man meets tomorrow woman. Bound to be some disagreements and there are. Are they rescued? Do they stay on that island for the rest of their lives? Do they fall in love and get married? There! That's all I'm going to say... Well, maybe I'll add, read it! You won't regret it.--Anna
THE COMING sounds fascinating!--Cyndy
I just recently read THE COMING. I thought is was really, really good. Involves the Bermuda Triangle.--F.B.
I really liked THE COMING!--C.N.
THE COMING sounds like my kind of book!--Bob M.
What a story!--R.D.
THE COMING was really, really good! I recommended it to all my friends. :-) --F.B.
I really enjoyed THE COMING. Very interesting concept.--J.G.


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