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The Bermuda Triangle: fact or fantasy? Find out for yourself in THE COMING .Bermuda Triangle?

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THE COMING: A paranormal romantic suspense. Can logical Larissa find true love... in the Bermuda Triangle?? 

After scattering her beloved grandfather's ashes in the Caribbean, Larissa Parish is swept overboard and washes up on a deserted island. She comes face to face with a man who, most impossibly, is her grandfather's cohort from World War II. Can she learn to fully give herself to this mouthwatering 40s hunk. and also figure a way to leave this outpost in the Bermuda Triangle?

Army Air Force pilot, Jack Harrington, can't believe his good luck when he spots Larissa in the waters by his desert island. Stranded for what he believes is five years, he thinks her daft because she seems to have forgotten World War II. Can he come to terms with the news that he's a "1940s retread" and convince himself that Larissa could love him, no matter how "old" he is?




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August, 1943 and July to August, present day. The Bermuda Triangle, Caribbean Sea.

September and November, present day. Washington, D.C. and Great Falls, Montana.


THE COMING's Main Characters

Larissa (Larry) Parish, a signals analyst with the NSA, and Captain Jack Harrington, Army Air Force pilot, look forward to making your acquaintance! 



Dream Realm Finalist--THE COMING

2004 Dream Realm WINNER for Best Speculative Fiction Romance
Dream Realm Award

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