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Tainted Tea For Two
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Tainted Tea For Two



A murder mystery romantic suspense. Someone wants Lord Embrey dead. Will the method of execution be by poison, or injection, or... potato?? 


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Readers are saying:


FIVE STARS for TAINTED TEA FOR TWO: Excellent!  I truly enjoyed this story. I had a small idea who did it half way through but was not completely sure until the end. I would recommend to those who enjoy a light hearted murder mystery romance.--D.B.
Amazon's Listmania: for TAINTED TEA FOR TWO--recommended cozy mystery!--M.A.
TAINTED TEA FOR TWO is so good!--Chris G.
Love your Brit-lit: Regency, Time-Travel & Contemporary (Tainted Tea).  All are terrific!--Andrea S.
I couldn't figure out who the intruder was. What a surprise!--J.D
Very English, very funny, with interesting character interplay. Kept me laughing and guessing, laughing and guessing...--M.B.
I read TAINTED TWO FOR TWO with a good deal of pleasure. It's a neat idea, and I liked the characters. This is a very clever concept. Your opening is great! One couldn't help to read the book on that basis and basis alone. Cheers to you!--B.W. 
I kept guessing all the way to the end and I thought someone else was the murderer. Wonderful!!--B.K.
I loved TAINTED TEA! What a wonderful homage to Agatha Christie!--M.W. 
Now that TAINTED TEA is in paperback, I'm ordering another copy!--C.K. 

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2008 ARIANA Award WINNER for Best Contemporary / Suspense / Mystery / Historical Romance Judith B. Glad, Artist

2007 Cameo Awards nomination for the Best Romantic Suspense in the Amateur Division

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