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Tainted Tea For Two
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Tainted Tea For Two



A murder mystery romantic suspense. Someone wants Lord Embrey dead. Will the method of execution be by poison, or injection, or... potato?? 



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FIVE Hearts! TAINTED TEA FOR TWO is a delightfully creative romance that centers on a mystery that will keep the reader guessing until the very end. A colorful cast of characters go about each with their own reasons for wanting the viscount out of the way. Marty wishes she had never taken the job. The stress of being a suspect has her in tears. If that isn't bad enough, the men all want to get her in their beds and she ends up spending a lot of time fending off their advances. That is, all except for Gregory; him she does not fight... TAINTED TEA FOR TWO by Susanne Marie Knight is a fast paced romantic mystery that is sure to be enjoyed by the readers.

Reviewed by The Romance Studio, Anita  

4 Daggers! Ms. Knight has written a wonderful story. One full of mystery, romance, and even comedy. I couldn't put it down and read TAINTED TEA FOR TWO in one sitting. Her description of the scenery brought back many wonderful memories of my trip to England. She even captured the musty smell of the big manors, and the small shops in the village. TAINTED TEA FOR TWO is a delightful who done it that I truthfully enjoyed very, very much.

I recommend that everyone read this wonderful book. Ms. Knight has captured the true feelings of England, in a wonderful tale of love, and mystery. You will be absolutely delighted with your choice.

Reviewed by All About Murder Reviews, Sue Hartigan

This is a tale with plenty of suspense, intrigue and mystery mixed with the possibility of romance. Join Marty as she walks the halls of the manor and finally walks into a murder. The intention by the killer is to make her the suspect, but will it succeed? A well written tale by talented author Susanne Marie Knight that will please the mystery fan or the romantic suspense fan.... Recommended for a fun read to learn who the killer is and why he plotted such a complex crime. Is it about money or a title or revenge of some sort? Enjoy following Marty and the rest of the well drawn cast along the twisting paths of suspense and suspicion. I did. 

Reviewed by Anne K. Edwards,

Ms. Knight throws an independent American into the midst of a stuffy English family providing readers with a bit of humor in the middle of this riveting suspense....

Susanne Marie Knight uses unique plot points, while trying a few tried and true ones as well. This provides readers with a comfortable feel while trying to figure out whodunit. I was stumped until almost the end, a rare occurrence for this avid mystery buff. I give TAINTED TEA FOR TWO a solid 'two thumbs up.' 

Reviewed by The Word on Romance, Judith Rippelmeyer
4 Stars! Barnes & Noble & Noble

4 Stars! Colorful characters, Cousin Giles; Aunt Florence; the Vicar; his wife Kitty; and a bountiful staff, attract suspicion when Smyth-Davis is found dead in the library with Marty's hat in his hand. Poisonous plants, accessible by all, top the list of weapons. The charming English countryside, stately manner, and regional dialect embellish this murder romance into a cozy night's read.

Reviewed by Affaire de Coeur, Betty Cox

TAINTED TEA FOR TWO offers gentle humor as the family's stuffy British attitudes and Marty's easy going nature clash. ...The mystery, riveting and hard to solve, races to the conclusion.

Reviewed by The Romance Reader's Connection, Tracy Farnsworth


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2008 ARIANA Award WINNER for Best Contemporary / Suspense / Mystery / Historical Romance Judith B. Glad, Artist

2007 Cameo Awards nomination for the Best Romantic Suspense in the Amateur Division

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