Reviews for Janus is a Two-Headed God
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Janus is a Two-Headed God
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Janus is a Two-Headed God

A science fiction romance. What happens when the Human leader at Milky Way's core has a run-in with a headstrong female from the despised planet Earth? "Science fiction romance doesn't get any better than this!" 


Janus is a Two-Headed God




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Reviewers are saying:

FOUR STARS! This book is so richly detailed and multi-layered I could almost believe that Xaspaar is in the universe. There are aliens, genetically altered humans, and, of course, the Earthlings who migrated hundreds of years before, who only remember Earth with distain. This one is not to be missed.

Reviewed by Romantic Times, Kathy Maxwell

Sound interesting so far? I've only scratched the surface of this intricate and nicely detailed science fiction romance. There is also heavy political intrigue, which gives the reader a nice glimpse into the other species (fourteen) that form part of the [Galactic Core Coalition]. There are highly entertaining villains (of all shapes and sexes) that add suspense and thrills. Mention of the 'Ancients' is also fascinating, and I haven't even mentioned what the title is all about. That should be about enough to whet your appetite, but if it isn't, keep in mind that JANUS IS A TWO-HEADED GOD is extremely well written, with good character development and excellent attention to detail, the latter most important in any science fiction novel, in my opinion. The book moves smoothly and it takes very little time before the reader becomes engrossed in the world of space travel and wormholes, unicopters and Uortzks. What are wormholes, you say? Don't wait any longer, get your copy of JANUS right away and find out for yourself!

Reviewed by Romance Reviews Today, Astrid Kinn

4 Stars! Some of the best science fiction stories explore the nature of humanity. Some of the best romances feature a couple learning to compromise. Sometimes, if we're really lucky, a book like this comes along which combines both.... Choosing to read a science fiction romance can be a risky proposition -- few authors can blend the science and the passion to produce a book that is well-rounded in both genres. I'm happy to say that Ms. Knight has indeed accomplished this feat -- the world of Xaspaar may be alien, but the emotions of the lovers are basically as human as they can be. Perhaps that is part of the charm of this tale -- to think that even after experiencing the wonders that the galaxy has to offer, it still all boils down to love!!

Reviewed by A Romance Review, Celia

JANUS IS A TWO-HEADED GOD is a fast-paced futuristic romance that confronts questions of culture, destiny and ultimately, the nature of love itself. Knight's characters are complex and very human, but still heroic. The story has a bunch of loveable secondary characters to round it out but the meat of the romance itself is the cultural differences between JorVaal and Sam. Though both are from fully human stock, JorVaal's upbringing in a different world leads to more than a few conflicts over any future that they may have together. It is an excellent example of science fiction romance written properly -- using the cultures and possibilities of the future to full advantage.

Paranormal fans may latch onto the prophecy aspect of the story which, though, minor, was still interesting. Destiny is always a fun concept in a romance novel, and though it is at times subtle it is interesting enough to leave one with the hope that we will learn more about the Ancients in the future! JANUS is a delightful novel with enough thrills and warm moments for any reader, but those who enjoy their romance with a twist of otherworldly allure will enjoy it most of all.

Reviewed by ParaNormal Romance Reviews, Ann Leveille

This is a very well done science-fiction romance book. The characters are fun and detailed, the sparks between the main characters entertaining. There is enough Sci-fi techno-talk to carry the feel of the future, while the story remains on the people, just as it should in this type of book.

Reviewed by ParaNormal Romance Reviews, Janet Miller

4 Stars! Science Fiction is provocative and expands the mind to think of the now. Susanne Marie Knight has done that with 'Janus Is A Two-Headed God'. Her premise is interesting: her characters are full of surprises. The tale itself is full of twists and turns. Plot and subplot add layers of interest. Her worlds are believable and well-thought out. Her diverse cultural mores make for realism. Such an enjoyable read deserves many kudos and mine is the belief that this is something of a keeper.

Reviewed by Sime-gen Reviews, Nan H Doporto 

It is great to have a romantic subplot to a fine science fiction plot... the book was well written and the author had some nice descriptions.

Reviewed by D. Winkle Reviews


JANUS IS A TWO-FACED MOON is another book in the Janus World series! 



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2002 P & E Award for Best Science Fiction Novel
Readers Poll Award

2003 EPPIE Finalist for Best Fantasy / Paranormal / Science Fiction Romance
EPIC  Award

2002 Golden Rose Award for Best Science Fiction / Fantasy  
Reader Choice Award

#1 Best-Seller 


Four Stars
Sime-Gen Reviews


Four Stars
Romantic Times Magazine


4 Roses
A Romance Review