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Love At The Top
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Love At The Top

Love at the Top City


A sexy and smart contemporary romance! When the man of Cassidy's dreams finally appears, why does he turn out to be her arrogant, new boss?      


Love at the Top



Re-Issued! New Cover! 

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Reviewers are saying:

Romantic and sweet, LOVE AT THE TOP is a truly heartwarming romance that plays up a romance between people who at first seem like total opposites but quickly, both the reader and the characters see that it is what is beneath the surface that truly makes them compatible. Alex is a charming rogue who aches for Cassidy. Readers will enjoy his pursuit of her because he is so tenacious about it, while at the same time being funny and sexy and very much in love. Susanne Marie Knight has written a humorous and tender love story that will please all romance fans.

Reviewed by Fallen Angel Reviews--Sarah W.

4.5 STARS!! Susanne Marie Knight has written a wonderful feel good story with LOVE AT THE TOP. Even the secondary characters are amazingly endearing. I loved the idea of a wealthy man living as a commoner. Cassidy's openness and obvious concern for others makes her a wonderful character. She was so willing to go out of her way for a complete stranger. Alex and Cassidy make the perfect couple. Alex just has to convince Cassidy of that. You could almost hear Alex's mind whirling as he tried to figure out how to get through to Cassidy. This book was a pleasure to read, and I'm sure I'll read it many times over in the near future.

Reviewed by Romance Junkies--Chrissy

4 Stars! I had so much fun reading LOVE AT THE TOP. The storyline of a rich man and working girl is hard to resist. I loved Alex's character, even though he wasn't honest with Cassidy. Cassidy is stubborn because of her past experience but I fell in love with her character also. The secondary characters and the wonderful dialogue made this a book that kept you laughing until the last page.

Reviewed by Scribes World Reviews--Hattie Boyd

LOVE AT THE TOP is a surprisingly, romantic tale of two strangers meeting in the park and a relationship developing quickly. Alex and Cassidy are both strong, in-depth characters that are a joy to get to know. I found myself cheering for them as they struggled with secrets, past hurts, and demanding jobs to discover love. Their rollercoaster relationship reminded this reader of normal everyday people, who struggle with problems.

A true Cinderella fairy-tale style romance, LOVE AT THE TOP brings tears and laughter to all romance readers. Ms. Knight captures romance perfectly from first glance to the finish line so to speak. For an outstanding romance, go to NovelBooks, Inc. today and order your copy of LOVE AT THE TOP. I highly recommend it.

Reviewed by The Word On Romance--Robin Peek

LOVE AT THE TOP is a fairytale of a romance with an old fashioned hero. My heart fluttered when I met Alex. I melted when I met Mr. Hayden-Smith. Ms. Knight has penned a delightful romantic romp. LOVE AT THE TOP is a short, fast-paced read, and I highly recommend this charming story be read on a spring day while sipping iced tea.

Reviewed by Romance Reviews Today--Diana Risso

Ms. Knight has taken a familiar premise and created an enjoyably fast read. Warm-hearted characters with legitimate concerns and carrying familiar baggage take this book out of the 'cutesy' range and into the realm of warm tenderness that leaves the reader with the warm fuzzies.

Reviewed by The Road To Romance--Denise M. Clark 

LOVE AT THE TOP is a ... light-hearted, romantic story that you could read within one day. A nice tale of Millionaire Marries Working Girl and somehow fairy tales come true.

Reviewed by Love Romances--Rose

Knight's writing is smooth and easy to follow. 

RWA Golden Heart judge

I truly enjoyed the read. 

RWA Golden Heart judge

I am looking forward to reading more of Susanne Marie Knight's work. 

Reviewed by  A Romance Review -- JaToya Love



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2003 EPPIE Finalist for Best Contemporary Romance
EPIC  Award

5 Stars Reviews

#1 Best-Seller,  Awe-Struck, and NovelBooks.


4.5 Stars
Romance Junkies Reviews


4 Stars
Scribes World Reviews