The Bloodstained Bistro
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Greetings and Felicitations!

Minx TobinThat Touch of Minx! 

Who is Minx Tobin, you ask? Minx is a fitness instructor newly relocated to Los Angeles, California, who has a knack for solving puzzles--puzzles concerning dead bodies. For fun, romance, and... unexpected corpses, follow her adventures in this murder mystery series!

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THE BLOODSTAINED BISTRO--Case One: A Minx Tobin murder mystery romance. Eating at Valentin's Bistro can be hazardous to amateur detective Minx Tobin's health, so why does she continue to dine at this restaurant??? 

Newly relocated Minx Tobin likes to help her friends. She also has a knack for solving puzzles. A huge puzzle in the form of a dead body soon gets dropped into her lap. Did waitress Brandi Evans murder her ex-boyfriend? Minx doesn't think so, but can she crack the Case of the Bloodstained Bistro?

Overworked Homicide Lieutenant Gabe Harris has his fill of woman... and dead bodies. The women he can handle. The dead bodies -- unfortunately they keep piling up. But on this particular case he meets a young woman that not only impedes his investigation, but she also has no interest in him. A healthy ego like his can't handle that. He'll have to keep an eye on Ms. Minx Tobin.



  The Bloodstained Bistro


New Cover! Re-released!

The MINX TOBIN Murder Mystery Seriess was reissued this year! All 7 books are now available at:  and

Available Now! Order THE BLOODSTAINED BISTRO at for links to various Internet distributors.

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June, present day. Los Angeles, California.


Minx Tobin, personal fitness trainer, and Gabe Harris, homicide lieutenant, look forward to making your acquaintance! 







Reviewers are saying:


5 STARS!--Goodreads
4 STARS! Minx stirs the pot in a romantic suspense that will have you turning the page. Knight's story is a delightful feast for the suspense lover's soul. The writing is crisp, and the cast of characters are entertaining. [She] has created a vibrant and dynamic cast of characters. Each character has a distinctive voice... The novel is sweet for romance readers with Gabe and Minx sharing a tender touch. THE BLOODSTAINED BISTRO takes the reader along for the ride with Minx in the driver's seat.

Reviewed by Sally Pink Reviews.

Minx Tobin is caught in the middle of a murder when a customer of the Elite Exercise Emporium is arrested. She is sure the young woman didn't do it and begins to ask questions. However, her sleuthing brings her to the attention of Lieutenant Gabe Harris and there is something about him that annoys Minx. And Gabe deliberately bugs her by using her first name, something she considers bad manners. This is the first in the Minx Tobin series by talented author Susanne Marie Knight and you'll be waiting for the next one, just to see what happens next. The hint of romance blended in, promise sparks will fly. I'm pleased to recommend The Bloodstained Bistro to any mystery fan. The interesting settings and characters will keep you reading. Enjoy. I did.

Reviewed by Anne K. Edwards, Invitation To A Book Blog,

4 Stars! Knight's story is a delightful feast for the suspense's lovers soul. The writing is crisp, and the cast of characters are entertaining. The novel is sweet for romance readers with Gabe and Minx sharing a tender touch. "The Bloodstained Bistro" takes the reader along for the ride with Minx in the driver's seat. 

Reviewed by Stephanie, EZine Articles.

 4 Stars! This book is one that is a good way to spend a few hours on a cold winter day. Not a Reviews
4 Stars! Good ending. Kept me guessing until the end!--Reader Comment



Readers Are Saying:


I have been wanting to read this book, Susanne. I can't wait!--Tami D.
Minx and Gabe are a match made in heaven. I love mysteries. Combined
with romance, they are irresistible. Luck in all you do.--Patricia A.
I LOVE THIS BOOK!!! I can't tell you how much I enjoyed THE BLOODSTAINED BISTRO--it's fantastic! And I'm so excited to read the next book in the series. All the characters are wonderful!--Nancy W.
Your mystery series looks great!--Carole K.
Susanne's new book is 'GREAT'!!  VERY interesting! Congratulations to Susanne!--Michele T.

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4 Stars
Sally Pink Reviews

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